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Synbiotics are made of 100% natural ingredients, combining powerful probiotics with prebiotics. Synbio Shield is a patented cleaning and fogging programme that shields with a friendly & safe microbiome.

Synbio Shield delivers protective Synbiotics all around you; on surfaces, in the air, and on your skin. This complete programme creates a protective microbiome keeping your customers and employees safe every day.



As a long time asthma sufferer, I must admit I was a little dubious about the effectiveness of the product. However, I am delighted to say that within three days I noticed a significant difference to my early morning breathing, which became clearer and less congested. I can honestly say that the product has had considerable benefit to me, especially during this time of the Pandemic. I really noticed the difference when I allowed my machine to run out and I was without it for a couple of days. My breathing became more congested again within 24 hours and it took another three days to return to my new normal. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to any fellow sufferers.

- Susan Bewsey

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Probiotic Protection Capabilities

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Synbio Shield Daily Protection

Protecting lives and businesses using revolutionary Synbiotic sanitation solutions

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Our Benefits


Cleaning deeper and better than anything you’ve experienced.

The dual action of the surfactants and the probiotic enzyme production ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. Each surface is microscopically purified down to the deepest pores and as long as the Synbiotics products are used, each surface will also remain pure. Organic pollution that gives rise to discolouration or odour is completely removed. Stubborn, deep pollution can take a few weeks; but once gone, always gone.

The probiotics continue to clean and occupy a surface for up to 5 days after application!


Our Probiotic/Synbiotic products are not just environmentally friendly (meaning they cause no environmental harm), but rather are ENVIRONMENTALLY BENEFICIAL because they actively contribute to water treatment and the maintenance of a natural microflora.

They mostly come as super-concentrated bottles so they will help you save hundreds of plastic bottles each year.

Chrisal’s Probiotic/Synbiotic products have already been awarded the EU Ecolabel for cleaning agents and are also Cradle2Cradle Gold compatible. This means that not only the products but also the entire production process are as safe and sustainable as possible.

No resistance

It has already been emphasized that the conventional killing of microorganisms has very harmful consequences for the microbiome, resulting in Antimicrobial Resistance. Chrisal’s Probiotic/Synbiotic technology, therefore, has no biocidal effect against other microorganisms, making resistance impossible.

Our Probiotic strains have been scientifically proven to reduce the presence of resistant pathogens by 99.99%!


Safety is an ever-increasing problem with cleaning agents and here too the Probiotic/Synbiotic technology scores best. The minimally used chemistry is of the most modern and sustainable nature. The probiotics and prebiotics are 100% natural ingredients. And in addition to the safety of the products themselves, they also result in a lower risk of infection as demonstrated in several hospital studies.


Scientific Research has proven that our Probiotic Strains:


100% Child & Pet Safe

Continue to clean for at least 5 days after application!

Reduces the risk of viral infections by up to 10,000x

Decrease pathogens harbouring drug-resistance genes by 99%!

Up to 90% more effective than disinfectants

Antimicrobial and wound healing properties

Weaken and destroy biofilm formations

67% reduction in severe healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) during hospitalization.

Free from Biocides and harmful chemicals

60% decrease in Antimicrobial drug consumption associated with HAI’S and a 75.4% decrease of the associated costs

Cost-in-use is similar to traditional cleaning agents

Active Odour Control

Synbio Shield is powered by




We are the proud sole distributor of Synbio Sheild in the United kingdom




Our products are manufactured by Chrisal NV Priester Daensstraat 9 3920 Lommel, Belgium

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