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Elad Amir is the Director at Synbio Shield UK and Founder and Managing Director at Design Cleaning Services. Passionate about the cleaning profession, Elad helps create safe and healthy working environments by driving a paradigm shift in the way infection control is approached.

Elad is available for interviews, features, expert comments on topics including:

  • The Silent Pandemic – Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
    Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)

  • Cleanliness within hospitals and healthcare settings including Care Homes.

  • Probiotic and prebiotic cleaning solutions – and why Probiotics are considered the electric car of the cleaning world.

  • How the NHS can save millions of pounds, thousands of lives and protect the environment all in one simple way.


Elad also served three years as an Officer in the Israel Defence Forces and three years as a professional stock market investor.

When he’s not thinking about infection prevention and control, Elad enjoys growing alongside his three children, travelling the world, listening to classical music, playing basketball, or watching Peppa Pig with the family


Founded in 1989 by Mr. Corrie Gielen, Synbio® is a patented technology developed by Chrisal. Their technology unites the best of nature with the latest in science. Synbio® uses Synbiotics: a unique combination of pre and probiotics that strengthens good bacteria with sugar-based nutrients.

Chrisal has grown to be the number 1 in quality probiotic cleaning and care products worldwide.

It is leading the way in the global fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and they have recently made their patented Synbio Shield products available in the UK.

Synbio Shield is a complete solution for infection prevention & control through cleaning, hand hygiene and air atomization currently in use in both commercial and private settings across the world, with a strong presence in healthcare.

15 years of independent scientific research has proven that Chrisal’s strains of Probiotics:

  • Reduce the risk of virus infection up to 10,000x

  • Reduce the risk of development & spread of pathogens, up to 90% more than conventional disinfectants.

  • Decrease the pathogenic population harbouring drug-resistance genes by 99%!

  • 67% reduction in the risk of contracting severe healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) during hospitalization.

  • A June 2020 study found that with a probiotic cleaning hygiene system (PCHS) in place, the antimicrobial drug consumption associated with HAI’s showed a global 60.3% decrease, with a 75.4% decrease of the associated costs. This translates to saving millions per hospital.



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