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About Us


Founded in 1989 by Mr. Corrie Gielen, Chrisal was well aware from the outset, of the need to distinguish itself from major competitors worldwide through innovation and top of the notch technology. Chrisal originally developed alkaline water-based cleaners and degreasers with a high cleaning power and at the same time a biological, non-aggressive and non-toxic effect to arrive at safe and environmentally beneficial solutions.

Since 2006 Chrisal has been committed to developing high-quality probiotic cleaning agents. Probiotic cleaning is a true world revolution in sustainable cleaning and hygiene. It is THE solution for all sorts of problems that are the result of years of (mis) use of chemical cleaning and disinfecting agents. Probiotic products are safe for humans and animals like no other, beneficial for the environment and high-performing. Chrisal has grown to be the number 1 in quality probiotic cleaning and care products worldwide. Chrisal exports to over 58 countries. Scientific studies are increasingly confirming the necessity and importance of probiotic hygiene, especially in hospitals and the healthcare sector, where the problem of super-resistant bacteria is felt the hardest.

At the beginning of 2016, Chrisal resolutely opted for a thorough B2C strategy and focused on a dynamic product and business development strategy. Through striking marketing campaigns, Chrisal aims to make the general public aware of the beneficial effects of its advanced probiotic cleaning and care products on people and nature and thus strengthen its pole position as a leading manufacturer of probiotic products.

In 2020 Chrisal has launched its most powerful technology yet: Synbio Shield. Combining powerful probiotics with prebiotics, this patented cleaning and fogging programme is set to revolutionise the way we approach infection control and hygiene.


In the Chrisal labs or through external research partners, Chrisal conducts daily research into the operation of its products and the development of new applications.  Click on the images below to go to publications or study reports that PROVE that probiotic cleaning and hygiene reduces the risk of infections. Secure and sustainable!

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