Are your items official?

All items are 100% real and authentic.

Where do you purchase your items?

All items are purchased through official stores such as MyMusicTaste, Yes24, Ktown4u, etc. Each item will have a description of where it has been purchased from.

Are the album sales counted on music charts?

Yes! All albums are counted on music charts in Korea.

How can I let you know about a group/item I want you to sell?

Please let us know through our feedback form. The form can be found in the "About" page or on the "Home" page.


Where do you ship from? Can you ship to my country?

We are shipping from New York City, USA once a week. Shipping days are Friday or Saturday. Because there is currently only One person handling shipping (me, Tatyana), and because I am a full-time college student, shipping days may move around. Any upates about delays in shipping will be posted via Twitter. As of right now we only ship within the US. Because of covid-19 and shipping restrictions in some countries, I will be working hard for the next few days to find the best and easiest ways to ship to as many countries as possible! We will be working towards being WW in the future, please stay tuned!

How much is shipping?

Shipping depends on the weight of your item, but will never be more than USD $10. There will be a variety of shipping methods you can chose from (see "what shipping method do you use?"). If you purchase USD $100+ in one order, shipping will be FREE :).

What shipping method do you use? How long will it take to receive my item?

All items will be shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Albums will be mailed via USPS Media Mail (2-9 days) All other items will be mailed via USPS First Class (2-5 days) If you prefer any other methods of shipping such as FedEx or UPS please contact us. Shipping through those courriers will be an extra fee as their rates are higher. Please keep in mind that it may take 2-5 days for your order to be ready to ship. I am a full-time college student, so please be aware that sometimes I may take a bit longer due to school circumstances (tests, classes)! In the event I will take an unusually long time, everyone whos orders are processing will be notified via email. Once your item has been shipped, you will receive your tracking number via email.

My tracking number hasnt updated. What should I do?

Firstly, be patient! In times of high traffic, USPS does not update their tracking numbers to push the packages along quickly. However, if it has been a very long time since your tracking number has updated, and you still have not received your item, please contact us so we can help you!

I entered the wrong address when checking out. What should I do?

Please let us know IMMEDIATELY. As soon as you realize, please email us so we can take the appropriate actions to fix the issue.


What does Pre-Order mean?

Pre-Order is when you order an item before its actual release date. For Kpop albums this can come with great benefits such as pre-order inclusions like photocards, and your order will be counted towards that atrist's first day album sales! Pre-order will be open for pre-order album benefits as well as fansign benefits. Although they will be pre-order, it will be done in Group Order format hosed by Kloud Utopia (see "Group Orders" in FAQ to see how GOs work).

I ordered my item "Pre-Order". When will it be shipped to me?

When pre-order items are available, we will post the estimated ship times based on what the store the albums will be ordered from states. For pre-order only estimated dates can be given, so please be patient. We will ALWAYS update when necessary. Some stores ship on the day of relese while others may ship 1-2 weeks after, keep this in mind. Once we have received all items, and unboed them, it will take the standard 2-5 day time period to prepare & ship your item from New York. We will always try to keep you updated! Please keep in mind that not everything is in our control.

Group Order (GO)

What is a Group Order?

A group order allows multiple people to add their individual items into a collective order cart at the same time. All group orders will be ordered by me, Tatyana, under my name and information.

Why should I join a GO? What are the befenfits of joining one?

Buying from a GO is cheaper than buying by yourself, ESPECIALLY for shipping. This is because group orders split the shipping prices between buyers making it cheaper in the end. International shipping is very expensive so it is easier and cheaper to split it amongst a group of people. Group orders save you money!

What is your GO process?

All group orders will be posted and hosted mainly on my Group Order account @nintendohyuck on twitter. These group orders will be for items such as fansite slogans/cheering kits and other items from smaller shops. For recommendations and inquiries about GOs please go to @nintendohyuck. There are 3 payments in my GOs: 1. Price of Goods
2. EMS Fee (to USA)
3. Domestic Fee (Me to You!)
~ buyers will be notified via twitter dms and/or email once I have received the goods. Please remember you have to be 100% committed to this GO and its 3 payments. If you submit your form + 1st payment before the deadline stated above and do not wish to be a part of this group order anymore, you will be allowed a refund. However, no refunds will be issued after the deadline, no exceptions. All deadlines will be posted on Twitter. Any extra or unclaimed items will be posted on Kloud Utopia for sale.

How do you calculate EMS costs?

EMS costs are determined by the shipping price divided by the amount of orders. This all depends on the weight of the order, and how many people order. If more people join a GO, this could mean cheaper EMS costs!

How do you calculate domestic costs?

I primarily use USPS First Class Shipping, and the price could depend on the weight of the goods. For albums I prefer to use USPS Media Mail, which also depends on the weight. There are also flat rate options that I prefer to use for people who join many of my GOs and want their items to be sent together in bulk. This is useful as the price is the same no matter the weight. I am open to using flat rate boxes for things other than bulk shipments, but I will only use that service upon request.


Can I get a refund for my item after I purchase it?

No. There will be no refunds for items unless there is an extreme or extraordinary circumstance. Because Kloud Utopia is non-profit, refunds issued will be coming from me personally. Thus I will be only giving refunds when it is actually needed.

How do I know if my payment went through successfully?

You should receive and email or notiifcation through your preferred method. We only accept Paypal and Card payments at the moment.


What happens if there was a mistake with my order or it arrived damaged?

Firstly, I apologize! I will always my best to make sure all items are packaged securely and safely. I also alway make sure that all order are correct, but I am human so a mistake will happen eventually! If you have a damaged item or wrong order a replacement, or your missing item will be sent without any furthur charge. You must send VIDEO proof of your package in order for your order to be handled. Therefore it is a recommendation that you always record a video of you unboxing your package just in case you happen to fall into this situation. Please make sure that your video shows that your package is completely sealed in the beginning as long as every single item that arrived in your package. You do not need to show your face. Once your video has been reviewed and accepted, your replacement will be sent as soon as possible. Please give us a few days to review your video/email. If the item you ordered is no longer in stock, you will receive a refund ONLY for the the item that is missing/damaged.

I sent you an email about an inquiry or concern. When will you respond?

Please keep in mind I am a full-time college student so sometimes I may be busy. Please do not send me any emails past 8pm EST, I will not view them until the next day. It may take me up to 5 days to respond or sometimes I may forget but I will always try to respnd as soon as I get the email. Its just me, I am only one person so please be patient! I will always work hard to be swift so all I ask for is your kindness and patience! Thank you always for trusting me with your items.

How are you following Covid-19 health guidelines? Are my items safe?

All items will be sanitized on arrival and will also be sanitized before send out. I do not regularly go outside unless it is the usual trip to the post office, grocery store etc., but I will be getting tested on a regular basis. If on the rare occasion I happen to test positive for COVID-19, I will let you all know IMMEDIATELY and all preparing shipments will be stopped. I will isolate myself from all items. I am usually very safe and precautious at all times, but these are the precautions I will take if anything happens.

Do you have proof of past successful sales?

Yes! All proof of my past sales can be found under #nintendoproofs on Twitter. For this shop, proofs can be found under #KloudProofs. You may use proofs hashtag to give reviews and to show me that you received your items safely!

Donation Service

I still havent received an update on my donation form. What does it mean?

It will take a few days to look through all forms for potential donors. If you still have not received a response by a week, your form was most likely rejected. All accepted forms will be notified via email

How do I know if I got the item I wanted to reserve?

All successful reservations will be emailed via email. It will take a few days to review reservation forms for each items, so please be patient! Once an item has ben successfully reserved it will be taken off the site.

How will I get my reserved item?

If you have successfully reserved your item, you will receive an email confirming this and it will ask for your shipping information. Kloud Utopia will then make the shipping label and send it to the donor, so they can ship your item. The donor will have 5 days to ship your item.